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RED FM Bhangra Champions 2024 Western Region

Summer Bhangra Jam 2024 Vancouver

Bhangra Competition


Entry Deadline:

  • Competition registration ends on Friday July 12th by 11:59 PM PST.
  • Late registrations will NOT be accepted. No exceptions.


Entry Submission: 

  • Completed Registration package.
  • Accompanied with an audition video. This can either be a past performance video or a video of your practice sessions, however:
    • it must feature all your registering team members.
    • the duration of this audition video should be a minimum of 3 minutes. 
    • Any video recorded more than 12 months before the registration deadline will not be eligible as an audition video.  


  • Only selected teams will be notified via an e-mail. Thereafter, the selected teams will have 48 hours to confirm their participation. 

Other Registration Rules: 

  • Open Category Performances: No minimum or maximum age. 
  • Team Composition:  8 to 12 dancers (for competition and for open category performances). 
  • Up to 4 non-participating members are allowed on the team roster (this will be STRICTLY enforced).

Only completed competition registration package with the required documents and audition video will be accepted. Partially filled documents or audition videos that do not meet the eligibility criteria will be automatically disqualified. Please refer to the registration package for full details. 


  • The maximum duration of any routine will be 7 to 9 minutes. 
  • Each performance should only be on a single continuous soundtrack (no technician assistance).
  • This event is a family friendly event. The song selection should be suitable for audience of all age groups without any profanity or negative content. The performance song/soundtrack will be reviewed once the teams are selected.
  • Two minutes are allocated for stage set up & two minutes are allocated to exit the stage.
  • Each dancer can only perform once and must be always present on the stage.



  • Only Bhangra related props are allowed on the stage. No props that appear like guns or other weapons are allowed. 
  • Approval is required for additional types of props.



  • For participating teams wanting to practice on stage, please contact Delpreet at before August 20th to schedule a 10-minute technical rehearsal.


  • No team member should be performing in the competition after consuming alcohol or illegal substances. Alcohol and illegal substances are strictly prohibited.



  • The judging panel will comprise of 5 judges. 
  • The scores of the judges with the highest & lowest scores will not be included.  
  • The judging panel’s decision is final, no exceptions.
  • We strongly discourage any interference or conversations with judges during the competition.
  • Post competition discussions relating to scores are allowed, but they must:
    • Be conducted after the competition, 
    • By only a single team member, and  
    • Should be within 10 minutes maximum.

Out of Town Teams:

  • Each team is responsible for their own airfare.
  • RED FM will provide airport pickup/ drop-off.
  • RED FM will provide food at the event.
  • RED FM will provide hotel accommodation. However, each team is responsible for all other types of incidental charges that pertains to them. These financial charges include, but are not limited to, in-room dining, hotel property damages, and transportation. 

Rule Revisions:

  • Competition rules may be subject to change at any time and all rights are reserved with Bhangra Competition Organizing committee. 


  • 1st Place ($6,000 Cash prize & Trophy) 
  • 2nd Place ($3,000 Cash prize & Trophy) 
  • 3rd Place ($2,000 Cash prize & Trophy)

If multiple teams reach a tie on a particular place, then the prize for that place (1st, 2nd or 3rd) will be equally divided between the teams tied. 

Additional Trophies: 

  • Best Dressed
  • Most Entertaining 
  • Best Mix
  • Best Dancer 
  • Spirit Squad 

If you have any questions regarding the registration process. Please email


Summer Bhangra Jam


Registration Closes on: JULY 12, 2024
Completed forms should be sent to

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